HP AMS Agent bug for ESXi

Recently the client that I’m working with has been experiencing a number of issues around vMotion. The initial advice from VMware was to ensure they weren’t falling foul of a known issue with the HP AMS agent.

KB2085618 – look out for the “can’t fork” message when logging into the ESXi Shell.

Here is a quick PowerCLI script that will identify what version of the AMS agent is installed on your hosts.

(Get-VMHost | get-view) | Select Name, @{N=”Driver”;E={$_.Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo.Name | ? {$_ -match ‘Hewlett-Packard hp-ams’}}} | ft -auto

This will output a list of hosts and the version of the driver installed if it finds a match

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