TPS: Calculating Memory Shared Between VMs

Taking my last post on page sharing a little further and inspired by @VBrianGraf & @vmMarkA’s Intra TPS Host Memory Assessment tool, I wanted to create a script that would calculate the memory savings gained from inter-VM page sharing directly from the statistics available in vCenter.

In my last post I showed the values that need to be obtained from the performance graphs and the calculation that needs to be performed. With the magic of PowerCLI, I’ve ended up with the function below.


PowerCLI function Get-MemorySharingInterVM

Output – an array of custom objects. InterVMGB is the memory (GB) shared between VMs on the host minus zero pages

Feel free to use and drop me any feedback.

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    Just stumbled upon this. Good work my friend. Thanks for the shout out as well! 🙂

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