App-V 5 Reporting Setup & Query : part 2

In part 1 we set up the App-V 5 client for Reporting and had a look at some of the settings for on the server side for App-V Reporting.

In part 2 I want to show two ways of querying the reporting data so that information can become useful. With little SQL knowledge you can start pulling back data back, however to create real useful and meaningful reports more in depth SQL knowledge will make all the difference.

These two methods are not meant to be best practice, but more to give a few hints from which you can go off, research a little more and go ahead and really make the most of App-V’s reporting data.

Method 1 shows how to query the App-V Reporting data from within Excel 2010. The query is simple and quick to setup. Once the data is back in Excel you can then manipulate that data to create own reports.

Method 2 uses SQL Reporting Services. I’m logged into the SQL Server  2008 R2 server with an admin account. I’ll create a simple query, pick the layout and then upload it. I’ll then show a browser running on another computer and demonstrate that it should be accessible from any domain computer.

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